Stevie and Lindsey. Johnny and June. Delaney and Bonnie. John and Yoko. Serge and Jane. The Captain and Tenille. Azalia and Dan.

LoveyDove is a love story made of music, a sonic and seductive collaboration that only happens when two kindred spirits connect. It’s melodic soulful pop with eloquent grooves and seductive hooks, modern bubblegum pop, psychedelic rock with a sophisticated clarity.

Azalia Snail has been called both “The Female Beck” and “The Female Syd Barrett” by critics. In reality, she’s a true indie troubadour, crisscrossing the globe from her NYC home base. With over 20 singles and albums in her catalog, she’s shared bills with such alt-rock stalwarts as Sebadoh, Trumans Water, Low, and Stereolab, just to name a few.

Dan West spent the end of the 20th Century honing his musical palette in Los Angeles from the age of 16, playing guitar, bass, piano, and singing in a scene that became known as “the Paisley Underground”. His music did not go unnoticed – his many vinyl and CD releases were regularly featured on Rodney Bingenheimer’s legendary “Rodney on the ROQ” radio show, and he performed on stage and on record with artists like Sky Saxon, Bryan MacLean of Love, and Rosemary Clooney.

Their story really begins at the dawn of this decade, when Azalia landed in LA and she and Dan began to collaborate both off-stage and on. Their music is informed by their solo careers while still bringing a fresh, sunny, and dynamic edge. It’s sweet, uplifting, instantly appealing. With a nod to their shared love of psychedelic and pop music and a message of optimism that’s anything but naive, they called their partnership LoveyDove.

In the months leading up to the release of their debut self-titled LP on LA’s Fine Records, LoveyDove has been ramping up their live shows, and will be touring Europe for the second time this May. Their music has been played on SiriusXM satellite radio, and they’ve been called “unusually irresistible” and “one of LA’s choicest homegrown sensations,” in LA Weekly.

In a world of discord and uncertainty, LoveyDove has arrived to shine their brilliant musical light.