Steppe People


Steppe People are four awkwardly handsome and emotionally misunderstood young(ish) men simply looking for a steady gig in a desperate world. These LA yokels promised their mothers they’d work as little as possible, cry as much as they don’t work, and rock, however irrelevant it gets. What’s astonishing to them and everybody else is that they’re able to keep it together long enough to play the next show, let alone make a record, but here we are, and oh how the mighty weep.

Guitarmonies and brevity are the foundation of this backwoods shack. “Just how many hot licks can we squeeze into this scorcher?” guitarists Bill and Eric must ask each other at every rehearsal, while bassist Scott and drummer Marcus bash and pop. The standards, the classics, the big thumps and the small, they cover them all, fast and loose, with reckless abandon.